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bonus track

Here is an extra song I recorded during my late night practicum recording. I was frustrated working with new stuff, so I went back and played around with some of my old stuff. It was written about  two years ago and my wife thinks it’s my best…

click on the link to download the song: what i’m wearing

what i’m wearing

i could use a new suit of clothes

cause i don’t like what i’m wearing

when i cruise around all over town

step back into the background

and i see your face you don’t turn around

you don’t like what i’m wearing

hey the clothes make the man

the man that i wish i am

and i don’t like what i am wearing

i could use a brand new car

a new car could take me far

i could finally leave this place

go somewhere and find some space

instead of trying to see your face

stuck in orbit around your space

and astronaut stuck in place

a stalled wreck on the interstate

and i don’t like what i am wearing

i could us a new pair of shoes

a pair of boots that have been finely tooled

embrodiered with the finest threads

with the finest lines you have ever read

and maybe when i walked

i could see those shoes and talk

and maybe they would hold the words

the finest words that you’ve heard

and i don’t like what i am wearing




theological writing

Earlier this week, I attended a special writing and study skills class for graduate theology students. After the session, I thought I was going to write about all that I learned, but by the time I got around to it, my friend, Keith, beat me to the punch. I’d like to echo his sentiments and add that he is much better at point 3 than I am.

After reading over having a proper mindset again, it becomes pretty obvious how important this is when ever you are communicating anything about God. So for your (or should I say our) benefit: Continue reading