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Time Out for Terry Taylor – Please Read and Forward (via CCM’s 500 Best Albums Of All Time)

Terry Taylor is a legend. His music was a formative part of my Christian development… and it didn’t (all) suck. Another health care tragedy…

I am taking time out from the countdown for this important message for fans of CCM and Terry Taylor     To any and all who been blessed by the life and gifts of Terry Talor, It is with much regret that I come to you with a desperate prayer. Our dear friend and brother, Terry Taylor, is experiencing one of the direst personal struggles of his life. Since the cancellation of Catscratch, his financial situation has been dismal to say the l … Read More

via CCM’s 500 Best Albums Of All Time


get up and walk

This song also took shape from Christ the Center (I am constantly drawing ideas from Bonhoeffer!) and a lecture.
Basically the idea is that all the gospel events took place in real time at a real place, and the disciples didn’t really know what to do with it. Even after the Resurrection, they were still going back and saying, “oh wait- when he said that he meant this.” Some of these theological concepts (such as the notion of trinity) took hundreds of years of reflecting. There had to be a discussion as to what constituted Scripture. The Creeds and Confessions were birthed out of prayer, contemplation, and discussion (and a lot of argument). Understanding takes time. Revelation often does not happen all at once.

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a golden ticket

By now many of you have seen or heard about Ted Williams. You also may have read about his abandoned wife and children, seen the reunion on Dr. Phil, or heard about the police being called about a heated dispute with his daughter on Monday.

It is easy to be cynical about Mr. Williams. He has been a failure as a husband, father, and a drain on society in general. Continue reading

chief of sinners

I was surprised this morning, as I was doing my pre-homework, avoidance blog scans, to find out that the Rev. Miller, the pastor that ordered his staff to delete their Facebook accounts, had testified in 2003 about his own extramarital affairs. It’s a pretty bizarre story, that doesn’t really give you any insight into what happened and what has happened since then. You can read the Continue reading


Well, I’m not exactly sure what to say about this Seattle PI article…

Vigilante justice has come to Seattle, and the caped crusaders drive a Kia.

Seattle police say a group of self-described superheroes have been patrolling the streets at night trying to save people from crime. They call themselves the Rain City Superhero Movement and say they’re part of a nationwide movement of real-life crime fighters…

I’m sure it relates to my post about being a man, mentoring, and stuff- but really I’m speechless. Maybe after I do some investigating I could say something….

the thief of joy

Reverend Cedric Miller, in New Jersey recently made it mandatory that all of the church’s staff delete their Facebook accounts. This is his response to counseling a growing number of married congregants over infidelities that began through Facebook comments. Though, he did not tell his congregants to delete their accounts, he did strongly suggest it, and recommended that Continue reading