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I’ve been reading Improvisation: The Drama of Christian Ethics, by Samuel Wells, in my theology class. So far (I’m only on chapter 3), I love it. The basic point of the book is that we are called to live a life, rooted in the community of the church, in which God cultivates us in certain virtues. Our life and interaction in/with the world should be as a people shaped by these God-cultivated characteristics (basically a Christian virtue ethic). Continue reading


Time Out for Terry Taylor – Please Read and Forward (via CCM’s 500 Best Albums Of All Time)

Terry Taylor is a legend. His music was a formative part of my Christian development… and it didn’t (all) suck. Another health care tragedy…

I am taking time out from the countdown for this important message for fans of CCM and Terry Taylor     To any and all who been blessed by the life and gifts of Terry Talor, It is with much regret that I come to you with a desperate prayer. Our dear friend and brother, Terry Taylor, is experiencing one of the direst personal struggles of his life. Since the cancellation of Catscratch, his financial situation has been dismal to say the l … Read More

via CCM’s 500 Best Albums Of All Time

umm… yeah… whatever…

Back in high school, I remember talking to a friend about what they had studied in youth group on Sunday. His answer shocked me; he said they talked about me. I didn’t really know what he meant by that so he laid it out for me. He said most of the Sundays I wasn’t there (he was probably exaggerating) they talked about me. The other kids didn’t really like me, they thought I was weird and kind of out there. I was loud and obnoxious and didn’t act right. Needless to say I was crushed.

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sic transit gloria – ordinary.

I worked with the youth of my church for almost 7 years. While I don’t regret the service, I wonder sometimes about depth of the faith I helped to cultivate. To often it was about trying to create excitement and substance fell to the wayside.

Several years after working with church youth I became a junior high/high school teacher. I remember watching the students in my classes, awkwardly try to live out and share their faith through the same gimmicky methods I taught as a youth worker. Though I strove to encourage the faith of students in that public setting (usually indirectly- it was a public school), inwardly I cringed at their tactics and at the marked difference from their “evangelism” persona and “normal” personas.   Continue reading

it is well

Its been a hard adjustment back into school. Life and school are having a hard time intermingling this quarter. Things are starting to pile up and I’m already behind. It is pretty easy to be discouraged.

I know my life is, relatively speaking, pretty good- and probably most people (at least in America) have it okay. That almost makes it worse, reading and hearing about all those who struggle daily to survive or recover against horrific circumstances- and I am all torn up over a hit car, a kid being mean to my son, family moving, and being behind in homework. Continue reading

Is good.

Surely it would have been better to never have been created at all, than having been created, to be neglected and perish; and, besides that, such indifference to the ruin of His own work before His very eyes would argue not goodness in God but limitation, and that far more than if He had never created men at all.

St. Athanasius, On the Incarnation

God is here. Sustaining us. Nurturing us. Saving us. That’s the point of this whole blog thing: reflections and encounters with the present and active God; the Creator coming into the Creation.

It’s been a rough week. But then, tonight, in the middle of class I turned to the wrong page and read that quote. I had underlined it earlier in the week, while doing my readings. It seemed important then. It seems even more important now.

I am limited. It’s obvious if you read this blog. It’s more a chronicle of my failures than anything else. Hopefully, it is equally obvious that I believe that God is not limited. He is neither indifferent nor impotent. He is good and does not will any to perish and is at work redeeming his Creation.

Last night, a friend enthusiastically wrote, “WHAT WE BELIEVE AFFECTS HOW WE LIVE.” He’s right.

I believe. Help my unbelief.

i am not

I live in a bubble. At this point in my life, I am going to school and church and that is about it. The only people, outside my family, that I really interact with are other seminarians, my professors, and other Christians at Bible Study or Church. It’s weird but that is the season of my life. This is partly due to moving (2,700 miles makes it a little difficult to hang out), partly family obligations (a wife and child [almost able to add the -ren] that actually expect me to spend “my” valuable “free” time with them!), and partly the rigors of my program (for the first year- the second and third year you are expected to get out and serve!). So right now, I am struggling to find a way to live out my faith in my new community.

Despite the filling of my head with all sorts of great “knowledge” about my faith, I recently had two opportunities that demonstrate how much growing that needs to occur in the “living” of my faith.  I’ll relate one story here; the other will probably get its own post in a day or two. Continue reading