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constructing reality

My son is constantly pointing things out to me: “Airplane!” “Bus!” “Flower!” “Dog!” These are things that I often don’t notice. There are lots of reasons I don’t notice them… I’ve seen it before. I don’t need it now. It’s not important to me.

This is the world I live in, the reality construct around myself. Things are only there if they are of use to me. Those are the concrete things. The real things. Continue reading


myths, conspiracies, and spectacle

Last night, during my ritualistic Monday night beat down, as my group as presented our translation of 2 Timothy 4:1-8, I had an epiphany. Let me set the stage a little bit.

We were discussing some of the issues brought to light in the text. At this point in particular we were examining verses 3 and 4.  The question that came up is how do you, as a pastoral leader deal with the people turn away from the truth to look towards myths? Continue reading

designing God

Last night I presented a “translation” of 1 Timothy 2.  It was a humbling experience, or more accurately I should say I was humbled by the experience. It is so hard to come to the Bible learn about God. We read Scripture with our preconceived notions of right and wrong, of how the universe is supposed to work, of who God is and how he acts. Instead of learning, we begin designing. It’s like being in a conversation and thinking of our response before the other person has begun speaking. Continue reading

a first step

This is an excerpt from a paper I am currently working on that kind of explains why I am starting this blog:

I am prone to abstractions. I like to study things and look at them from different angles. I read and absorb theories. However, I struggle with reality. It is easy for me to just think of things on my own separate from the world and other people. My closest relationship is probably with Google. People are messy and unpredictable. They’re scary and can hurt you. They often want things from you, but neither of you are sure what that “thing” is. Continue reading