some thoughts about rocks

“Maybe we should build a pile of rocks in the yard,” was where the conversation led us. We were discussing how we remember the things that God has done in our lives.Eventually the conversation wandered to the Old Testament and to how the ancient Israelites would create piles of stone to remember the challenges and struggles they endured and how God delivered them. The idea was that whenever they passed by the rock piles they would tell that story to one another, reminding each other and passing along the story of God’s grace. We thought it would be cool build our own rock piles to remember and share with our children the great things that God has done in our lives.

ImageSo with that thought on my mind the next day I hiked up a mountain to look for a rock. I thought this rock would represent my family’s journey over the past two years. God has been good. We have moved to a new state, went back to school, had another child, switched homes, and re-evaluated and re-assessed some of our family values and dreams. There has been struggle, but God has been a good and strong deliverer, and we need to remember.

Eventually, I found a rock. It’s a good rock. Not too big, not too small. after I found the rock, I looked around at the mountain. There were lots of rocks around. It made me think, God is doing a lot of things. It’s good to have piles of rocks to remind us the work that God has done, but we should always be on the look out for new rocks. There are always new blessings and challenges for God’s people.

I’m looking forward to my rock pile. Looking backward helps us to remember who God is and what he has done. It doesn’t mean living in nostalgia. This is one of my areas of struggle. I rest on what God has done, instead of looking forward to what God is going to do. I remember my salvation, but forget what it is that I was saved for. I pick up a rock and think that is enough, it’s perfect. I don’t notice all the other rocks that God has in store for me, but God’s not done, not with me, not with the world, not with any of us.


When I pick up a rock, listen to a sermon, read the Bible, it isn’t just to learn about what God has done or to be wowed with stories of God’s miraculous work and the heroes of the faith. It is know that that God is the same God that I worship. It is the same God that is alive and at work in me. It is to give me hope that nothing is impossible for those that serve God because nothing is impossible for God. It is to remind me that even as I look at an old pile of rocks, God wants to do something in me and through me that will cause me to make a new pile of stones. It is to remind me that God is good. Not just in the past, but all the time.


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