Is good.

Surely it would have been better to never have been created at all, than having been created, to be neglected and perish; and, besides that, such indifference to the ruin of His own work before His very eyes would argue not goodness in God but limitation, and that far more than if He had never created men at all.

St. Athanasius, On the Incarnation

God is here. Sustaining us. Nurturing us. Saving us. That’s the point of this whole blog thing: reflections and encounters with the present and active God; the Creator coming into the Creation.

It’s been a rough week. But then, tonight, in the middle of class I turned to the wrong page and read that quote. I had underlined it earlier in the week, while doing my readings. It seemed important then. It seems even more important now.

I am limited. It’s obvious if you read this blog. It’s more a chronicle of my failures than anything else. Hopefully, it is equally obvious that I believe that God is not limited. He is neither indifferent nor impotent. He is good and does not will any to perish and is at work redeeming his Creation.

Last night, a friend enthusiastically wrote, “WHAT WE BELIEVE AFFECTS HOW WE LIVE.” He’s right.

I believe. Help my unbelief.


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  • criss

    This was part of the original post, but I decided to edit it out since it didn’t quite fit work in the larger context: Earlier this week, I linked to an article (on Facebook) called: “God. Is Good or Protecting God’s Reputation When Shit Happens.” The author, Jo Hilder, is learning to trust in God’s goodness, without falling into the pressure of always trying to prove it to other people. When you trust you don’t have to prove anything, instead your life is oriented around that belief. You don’t have to prove it because it is already evident (I’m not talking about avoiding God talk- being able to articulate your faith is extremely important- but rather reducing your speech about God into a PR marketing statement designed to draw people into God- It’s the Spirit’s job to draw people to Him).

    the article:

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