weird sex

Last night, while wasting time watching comedians on the Internet, I noticed something. A lot of the comedians were mentioning a particular sex toy. Now, I have no experience with the said toy. Though I know what it looks like, I know nothing about how to use it, why to use it, or even why some people might find it enjoyable. But for some reason I’ve been running across references to the toy for the past few months with increasing frequency.

Now, I would like to consider myself a pretty culturally savvy guy. I usually know the “right” music, movies, books, and TV shows—and often spot/find/hear about things a long time before they are “discovered.” So, I started to think that I needed to find about this object. I was going to ask my BFF, Google, who knows all my strange and personal questions.

After thinking a moment I decided not to look it up. Knowing about it wouldn’t have done me any good. It isn’t the sort of thing that my wife or I would like in our sex life (my wife nearly punched me in the face when I brought it up). It wouldn’t teach me to love people more. Instead, I’d probably joke about it, in casual mean-spirited way, displaying my judgmental heart. And whatever images Google produced probably wouldn’t be any good for me to see.  Still there is the curiosity.

There are few things in life more embarrassing than not being in the “know.” It’s the source of a lot of our humor. Most of the humor in the movie, The 40 Year Old Virgin, is about not “knowing” and faking it. When we don’t know something, we don’t admit our ignorance. We get defensive, we pretend, but it rarely works. Ignorance is usually pretty glaring.

I guess that’s how we each end up back into that garden, making the same choices as Adam and Eve. To know or not know. To find out for ourselves or to trust. This goes back to Bonhoeffer’s idea about the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life residing in center of every person’s heart. Every person makes the choice of which tree to eat in his or her lives. It’s decision that we are constantly making and usually choose wrongly.

I’m glad that I didn’t find out. I’m glad that I’m ignorant. I’m glad that this time I chose rightly—it happens so seldom. Thank God for grace.


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