chief of sinners

I was surprised this morning, as I was doing my pre-homework, avoidance blog scans, to find out that the Rev. Miller, the pastor that ordered his staff to delete their Facebook accounts, had testified in 2003 about his own extramarital affairs. It’s a pretty bizarre story, that doesn’t really give you any insight into what happened and what has happened since then. You can read the article here.

Eugene Cho, lead Pastor of Quest church, where my family worships, asks the question on his blog: “…does his past now diminish his authority and ability to speak to his congregation about affairs, Facebook, adultery, etc?”

It’s a good question. I guess that would depend on if his congregation trusts him. Being a sinner does not automatically disqualify you from speaking about an issue. If it did we would be unable to be any sort of prophetic voice for the Lord.

So I guess it’s a matter of what’s gone on in Rev. Miller’s life since his affairs. Was he reinstated? What sort of public safeguards did he put into place later? What sort of marriage does he have now? Is it visibly healthy? What does his staff think about all this? Have people left the church? Why? Why have some people stayed?

Christ has come to redeem sinners. Not partially, but wholly. Rev. Miller is a sinner. Christ has come to redeem him.

I don’t know anything about Miller, his past, or his church, but Miller’s past was made public, so hopefully what has gone on since then is public as well. Spending a little time in the church talking to people should give a lot of answers.

It’s easy to make our judgments from the sidelines. I know I often do, but I’m trying real hard to extend the grace Christ has given to me to others.  So I guess I’ll shut up about this issue and trust those involved.

You can read Eugene Cho’s thoughts about the Miller affair here.

These were my initial thoughts about the situation.

Side note: My group’s translation this week is 1 Timothy 5:17-6:2, included is a part on how to discipline Elders—totally relevant to the discussion. I’ll put it up later today or tomorrow.


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