“The last time I saw Jesus, I was drinking bloody mary’s in the south.” That’s from “Jesus in New Orleans” by Over the Rhine. It is one my favorite opening lines of a song, rivaled only by “I married my wife on the day of the eclipse. Her friends all rewarded her courage with gifts” from Nick Cave and the Bad Seed’s “Sorrowful Wife” and “I built a little empire our of some crazy garbage called the blood of the exploited working class,” from They Might Be Giant’s “Kiss Me Son of God.”

I’m going to see Over the Rhine in a few hours- my sister is coming over the watch the boy, and my wife is putting on her fancy shoes. It should be fun.

It’s hard to make time for fun. Life is so busy- and there are lots of things that are rewarding, but sometimes “fun” gets pushed aside.

I’m looking forward to tonight. This is a great band (or rather couple) I’m sure they are going to be playing some new material, produced by the legendary Joe Henry. I’ll be moved, heart pounding in my chest, tears in my eyes. I’ll be challenged- I’m always inspired by their sincerity, honest, and conviction. But most of all I’ll have fun.

Or I should say that my wife and I will have fun. It’s something we get to experience together.

Sometimes that’s what we need.


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