Barth break

I’ve been reading through the second half of Barth’s Dogmatics in Outline today. It is really good. I thought I would share a few highlights.

Where God and this centre of our faith are involved, those differences which seem so interesting and important to us, become not just superfluous but silly. It is the truth of the real or the reality of the true which here enters the field: God speaks, God acts, God is in the midst (67).

Jesus Christ is the reality of the covenant between God and man (69).

What is involved in the existence of Israel is that a man appointed thereto by God is there in God’s place on behalf of all other men. Such is Israel’s reality, a man or a community, a people in God’s service, not in sense of  a nation claim, but for the other peoples and to that extent as the servant of all peoples. This people is God’s commissioner. It has to proclaim His word; that is it’s prophetic mission (77).

Where man fails, God faithfulness triumphs (79).

The earth is full of miracles and glory. It could not be God’s creature and the area of our existence appointed by God, if it were not full of revelations (83).

The Bible is not a letter-box but the grand document of the revelation of God (85).

In Him, He has from eternity bound himself to each, to all. Along the entire line it holds, form the creatureliness of man, through the misery of man, to the glory promised to man (91).

… everything will depend on Christians not painting a picture of the Lord or an idea of Christ, but on succeeding with their human words and ideas in pointing to Christ himself (94).

… there is no theolgia crucis which does not have its complement in theologia gloriae (114).

Reconciliation means God taking mans place. Let me add that no doctrine of the central mystery can exhaustively and precisely grasp and express the extent to which God has intervened here. Do not confuse my theory of reconciliation with the thing itself. All theories of reconciliation can be nothing but pointers (116).

We must not transmute the Resurrection to a spiritual event. We must listen to it and let it tell us the story: how there was an empty grave, that new life beyond death became visible (123).


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