designing God

Last night I presented a “translation” of 1 Timothy 2.  It was a humbling experience, or more accurately I should say I was humbled by the experience. It is so hard to come to the Bible learn about God. We read Scripture with our preconceived notions of right and wrong, of how the universe is supposed to work, of who God is and how he acts. Instead of learning, we begin designing. It’s like being in a conversation and thinking of our response before the other person has begun speaking.

I’m not sure if we can ever really get past this on our own. That is why we need the Holy Spirit guidance and a diverse fellowship of believers. As we come to Scripture with the Spirit’s guidance, we should prepare to have our preconceived ideas shaken. Our ideas become idols. They change God from a being to a thing. Things are easy to understand, and once you think you understand something it becomes easy to control or ignore. You define its reality. God is designed to fit within our personalized world. It is our notion of good, love, anger, etc that we study when we read Scripture.

When we first come to know God, we are more open to know about him—or at least I was. But then God becomes familiar— knowable and known. You (or I) start finishing his sentences; he doesn’t get to speak. He has become a “mute idol.” It is only with the help of the Spirit that we can mover from our God to the God.

This is also where brothers and sisters come in. The Spirit also lives in them. As we approach Scripture together, we teach and correct one another. We may disagree, but if we are to remain faithful, we have figure out why. God has to be given a voice.

Initially, I thought I was going post my translation (which was really more of an interpretation— hence the problem). After being humbled, I was too embarrassed to let people see. But I think that might be part of the problem, I don’t expose my thoughts about God and then I never get correct. So feel free lovingly teach and correct me—especially if you speak Greek. It’s the only way I’ll get better.

Translation of 1 Timothy 2:1-15(1) First give thanks, intercessions, interventions, and prayers for everyone, (2) for all people in a position of authority, so every one of our lives may be peaceful and quiet, in godliness and honesty.

(3) This is good and right in the eyes of God our Savior, (4) who desires for everyone to be saved and enter the knowledge of truth.

(5) There is One God
and One mediator between God and humanity,
the human, Christ Jesus,
(6) who to offer himself as ransom for everyone, at the perfect moment.

(7) Who placed me as a herald and messenger (I speak truth and do not deceive), a teacher of the nations in faith and truth.

(8)I desire that, in every place, men should pray exalted, blameless, lead by God, without anger and a divided heart. (9) In the same way, women should gain honor, clothed in modesty, with respect and self- control, without braids, gold, pearls, or other expensive clothes, (10) but rather through good works, fitting a godly woman.

(11) Have women quietly learn with whole-hearted obedience. (12) I do not permit women to teach or dominate men; but learn quietly.

(13) For Adam was first formed, then Eve;
(14) and Adam did not deceive,
but the woman deceived and birthed transgression.

(15) However, she will be saved through childbearing, if they remain in faith and love and holiness with self-control.


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