a first step

This is an excerpt from a paper I am currently working on that kind of explains why I am starting this blog:

I am prone to abstractions. I like to study things and look at them from different angles. I read and absorb theories. However, I struggle with reality. It is easy for me to just think of things on my own separate from the world and other people. My closest relationship is probably with Google. People are messy and unpredictable. They’re scary and can hurt you. They often want things from you, but neither of you are sure what that “thing” is.

The hard thing is that God was not content to remain an abstraction. He came and put on skin. He deals in reality, with real people, and to follow him is to deny the abstraction and join him in the real world. Its difficult, but to deny that would be to deny following him.

I hope to use this blog as a first step into moving into “reality.” I know that it is a limited reality– truly one of my own construction, but that is why it is a first step. It’s vulnerability. I’ll post some things I’m working on, thoughts I might have, and talk about stepping from the world of the abstract into real world. Wish me luck.


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